Using GMail With Your Own Domain E-mail

If you own a domain name (for small business or so), email will look more professional than However you might be annoyed having to check multiple mailboxes. Here’s how you can link everything into one GMail mailbox.

Setup Incoming Mail Forwarding On Your Domain Hosting Service

  1. Login into your domain hosting control panel. If you’re on GoDaddy, login to MyAccount and launch E-mail product
  2. Select Create Forward, enter and forward it to (you can even add multiple e-mails)
  3. Wait for a few minutes, and at this point you should get incoming mail forwarded to your gmail mailbox

Configure GMail For Sending As

  1. Go to GMail setting (gear icon on the top right), select Accounts and Import
  2. Under Send Mail As section, select Add Another Email You Own, follow the prompt and verification
  3. When sending email, don’t forget to change the From address to

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