Windows 7 nslookup Resolves But Ping And Others Failed

As a wannabe network admin at the office, I’ve been dealing with a really tricky problem for the past few days. Long story short, I have few development servers and I want to setup CNAMEs pointing to it so it’s easy to remember.

The problem is every 15-20min the CNAME will stop resolving. If I try to ping it gives name not found. However nslookup still resolves fine.

I’ve tried many different things with no luck until I finally found the problem: we mistakenly configured multiple public DNS on our DHCP settings alongside our primary internal DNS hosted on Windows Small Business Server 2011 (SBS). As shown below the configuration after we fixed it, only 1 entry is listed pointing to our internal DNS


It seems if multiple DNS servers are configured, windows will pick a primary one at random / round robin. If the primary happens to be the one other than our internal DNS, it won’t be able to resolve the CNAME entries.

This setting can be changed on DHCP configuration tool on SBS as shown below


And to make sure internet-wide name resolution still works. The public DNS have to be setup on the internal DNS forwarder on SBS DNS configuration


Add to the original confusion was I kept wondering why non CNAME alias still can be resolved all this time. This turns out due to the fact Windows uses not only DNS, but a set of other services to translate hostname into IP:

  1. Client check if the name queried is of its own
  2. Client checks local hosts file (eg: %Systemroot%\System32\Drivers\etc)
  3. DNS are queried
  4. NetBIOS

(Quoted from

Notice that if DNS fails on step 3 regular PC names still can be resolved using NetBIOS, but in the case of CNAME it wouldn’t work.


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