Binding Date Form Input On Spring MVC

So you have a form that takes a date input like this:


It’s always handy to represent the form as a Pojo that gets bound automatically to/from your controller class:

public class AddCustomerForm {
  private String name;
  private String email;
  private Date dob;

  /* getters & setters */

Notice the usage of java.util.Date type for the dob field. If you do nothing, the binding wouldn’t work and resulting in error instead because Spring MVC doesn’t know how to convert the text form input into a Date object.

The trick here is to add @DateTimeFormat annotation on the date property:

  @DateTimeFormat(pattern = "dd/MM/yyyy")
  private Date dob;

(Since Spring 3.2 you don’t need Joda library to use this annotation)

Now on your controller the form input will automatically binds into your pojo

public String addCustomer(@ModelAttribute("addCustomerForm") AddCustomerForm form) {
  // do something with form input ..

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