The JAXB Well Known Secret

Daryl Mathison's Java Blog


I rediscovered a library that Java offers to the masses. When I first read the specification, I was confused and thought I needed all these special tools to implement. I found recently that all was needed was some annotations and a POJO.


JAXB stands for Java Architecture for XML Binding. This architecture allows a developer to turn the data from a class to be turned into a XML representation. This is called marshalling. The architecture also allows a developer to reverse the process turning a XML representation to be turned into a class. This is called unmarshalling. There are tools that can create Java classes from XML Schema files. The tool is called xjc. There is another tool that creates a xsd files by using schemagen.


Marshalling and unmarshalling happens several places in Java. The first I was exposed to this was RMI. Objects are sent over …

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