Returning JSON View on Spring MVC

Another simple way to return JSON object is by using jackson-mapper-asl. Similar to how we can map server-bound post, this method can also be used to write response.

Firstly, on your Spring MVC enabled project, add following maven dependency:


Spring can automatically convert your POJO into a json string. So say we have this data object we want to return:

public class Customer {
  private String name = "";
  private String email = "";
  // getters & setters...

And this is the controller request mapping method. Important bits here is the method returns a POJO object directly, and it is annotated with @ResponseBody annotation.

public Customer getCustomer(@PathVariable("id") long id) {
  Customer customer = // Search customer by given id through repository..
  return customer;

On the client side the returned JSON will be something like this:

  name = "Tom",
  email = ""

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